New School of

Structural Integration

Laguna Beach, CA

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Next 1100 hour Structural Integration Practitioner training begins: February 20, 2020


Learn Structural Integration in Laguna Beach, CA

The New School of Structural Integration (NEWSSI) is an organization of higher learning, which is dedicated to teaching the art and science of restoring and reorganizing the body’s connective tissue and myofascial systems.

NEWSSI is recognized by the (IASI). International Association of Structural Integrators


NEWSSI on going classes


Group TML Classes

Introduction to Structural Integration Elements of Session 1

An essential class for anyone considering enrolling in the Practitioner Training program.

Date: Sunday Oct 13, 2020 9am-6:30pm 
Laguna Beach, CA 
Cost: $100 

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Transformational Movement Lessons (TML)

Dan Rawson will lead you through TML Group lessons to help you wake up your brain and to provide you with the tools to change your life. Careful attention and gentle movements provide the basis for quick and lasting changes. Learn to move with greater ease and flexibility, while you challenge yourself to find the simplest and most enjoyable way to move. 
Dates: Mon|Wed|Fri 8:45am
Dates: Tues | Thurs 12:15pm
Laguna Beach, CA 
Call  (949) 306-2676 to reserve your space

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Continuing Education at NEWSSI


Biomechanics of Alignment

Aimee Kolsby
April 5-8 and 11-14, 2019
Days off: April 9 and 10, 2019
This 8-day class teaches a full body approach for correcting the structural misalignments that create pain and degenerate joints. These whole body patterns greatly disrupt equilibrium and integrated movement.

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Advanced Biomechanics of Alignment

Aimee Kolsby
3-day classes on advanced approaches for resolving misalignments and creating more lasting and profound integration.

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