NEWSSI Events | Introduction to Structural Integration


This workshop is a great first step for anyone considering a career in Structural Integration. The class will cover theory, skills and powerful techniques from the Structural Integration Ten Series.

Visit the School, Meet the faculty, and Experience a day in the life of a Structural Integration Practitioner.

Admissions Interviews are available on the Monday following the class for those applying to the next Structural Integration Practitioner Training. 


  • Sun October 20th, 2019 9am-6pm, Laguna Beach, CA


Spend a Sunday at NEWSSI and learn how profoundly you can:

AFFECT Fascia to IMPROVE Structure to ENHANCE Posture to OPTIMIZE Function

Many of you have experienced the work. Some of you have witnessed the work... Now you can learn HOW TO DO the work.

This Workshop will include theory, anatomy and practice of various bodywork skills relating to the Structural Integration Ten Series.

Learned skills can be used immediately with your own clients, friends and family to create length, balance and improve quality & range of motion in their bodies.

Previous workshop participants have used new skills to compliment their leadership in yoga, pilates, strength and fitness training and in their massage therapy practices.

Learn how you can enjoy a Rewarding Career in Structural Integration...

  • Professional success

  • Financial success

  • Rewarding career

  • Flexible schedule

  • Highly skilled

  • Highly respected in your field

  • Highly paid health educator

  • Enriching continuing education opportunities

  • Belong to the International Association of Structural Integrators

  • Transform lives

  • Make a difference in the world


1-day workshop $100
No-charge for those traveling from outside California for the workshop and admissions interview
All workshop fees can be credited toward your Practitioner Training tuition

Please email or call (949) 981-8005 to register.