NEWSSI Events | Transformational Movement Lessons (TML)


Dan Rawson will lead you through TML Group lessons to help you wake up your brain and provide tools your can use. Careful attention and gentle movements provide the basis for quick and lasting changes. Learn to move with greater ease and flexibility, while you challenge yourself to find the simplest and most enjoyable way to move.

There are two main ways Anat Baniel Method (sm) is practiced, in groups or individually.

Group Lessons

Transformational Movement Lessons(sm) (TML)

You'll be moving, most likely on the ground. Some lessons are seated, some you'll do standing. I'll be guiding you in making movements by talking. The movements you'll be asked to do, may seem easy or difficult, maybe even impossible to accomplish at first. Do your best to follow the movements as asked, but never strain. Seek to do movements in a way that is enjoyable and easy for you. If you can't make the movement requested, do the closest you can. You can even do the movement in your imagination and still get results.

Dress in loose, comfortable clothing. Jeans or other tight pants and clothing can restrict your movement and make it more difficult for you. It's a good idea to dress in comfortable layers, especially if you tend to feel cold. You may find after a few minutes of movement, that you warm up.

A note on directions. Directions are always given from the vantage point of your body in standing. So “Up” is towards your head, “Down” towards your feet. If you don’t understand an instruction, ask for it to be repeated. Part of the value of TMLs is in learning to make sense of the instructions and to make very specific movements on purpose. TMLs help you learn to do what you really want to do and know what it is you are actually doing.

Individual Lessons

Functional Synthesis(sm) Lessons (FS)

Together we'll work to create a specific individual plan to address your current needs and goals. Gentle hands on movements will guide you to experience yourself in optimal function. You'll be able to feel where you hold unnecessary tension and begin to create new patterns.

Wear loose comfortable clothing that lets you move easily. Pay attention to what you feel and notice the differences. The more you can feel, the quicker you'll create changes. Be sure to let me know if anything is painful or uncomfortable.


  • Dates: Mon|Wed|Fri 8:45am

  • Dates: Tues | Thurs 12:15pm

  • Dates: Tues 5:30pm


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