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3-day classes on advanced approaches for resolving misalignments and creating more lasting and profound integration. If you are taking these classes for the first time, they should be taken in the sequence listed. These classes are open to persons who have completed the Biomechanics of Alignment series.

Dysfunctional Asymmetries: Working with AA/PP Patterns – 3-Day

A class to further your understanding of the structural and functional logic and profound impairment created by dysfunctional asymmetries. You will learn how not to create these patterns in the course of your SI work. You will learn how to quickly assess these patterns and how to design a single session to resolve the AA/PP dysfunction. 3 Days.

Using Indirect Work: Joint Assessment & Deep Strain Resolution- 3-Day

In this class you will learn how to use fulcrums in the connective tissue matrix and the mid-tide to assess fascial rotations, joint alignments and trauma locations. This class will include learning to use inherent motion to assess and treat joints, diaphragms, myofascial chains, pre-vertebral tissues and nerve pathways. You will learn to use indirect techniques to release trauma and long-held restrictions to realign the deeper tissues. You will learn a technique for comparing restriction sites to determine which is primary and which is secondary. 3 Days

Cranial Patterns in Asymmetries – 3-Day

The cranium responds to asymmetric patterns with predictable rotations and counter rotations. If functional adaptability is not able to occur here there can be significant problems with alignment throughout the head, jaw, neck and shoulders. You will learn to assess the position of the major bones of the cranium and how to use direct and indirect techniques to release and realign the fascia of this very important region. 3 Days.

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Dysfunctional Asymmetries
Indirect Work
Cranial Patterns